Student Projects

Virtual Cooking

Virtual Cooking is a bachelor's project operated by the University of Bremen, which approaches to collect grasping data in a virtual kitchen from human probands for machine learning.


VReef (short for Virtual Reality Coral Reef) is a master’s project operated by the University of Bremen, which tries to simulate a polluted underwater environment in virtual reality with Unreal Engine and HTC VIVE.

Virtual Coral Reef 3 Multiplayer

The bachelor’s and master’s project „VR CoralReef“ is a simulation of a coral reef located in the Indo-Pacific ocean, developed with the AG CGVR of University Bremen, Germany.


A simulation of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in a virtual underwater environment is created by the master's project "Virtual Coral Reef 3 TraVis".

VR Touch

Blinde und Sehbeeinträchtigte sollen mit Sehenden zusammen ein asymmetrisches und kollaboratives VR-Computerspiel spielen, indem sie gemeinsam als professionelle Diebe in einem Museum einbrechen und sich durch die verschiedenen Sicherheitsvorkehrungen kämpfen.

Virtual Interactive Assembly/Disassembly

Virtual Interactive Assembly/Disassembly is a bachelor project of the computer graphics group at the University of Bremen.

Virtual Coral Reef 2

The master's project "VR CoralReef" creates a Virtual Reality environment in a coral reef in the Indo-Pacific region.


The bachelor project IVOR (interactive, virtual operation room) is developing a human-centered helping system in the operation room.


The master project AstVenture is developing a Serious game.
The motivation of the project is to explore how looks space environment and how to mine asteroids.

Virtual Coral Reef

The bachelor project VR-Coralreef is developing a simuluation as a video game of coralreefs and its behaviors when the parameters are changing, in cooperation with the ZMT. The simuluation uses the Microsoft Kinect and stereo rendering for different 3D devices.


The master project Kinaptic is developing a video game for blind and sighted people using the Microsoft Kinect, haptic feedback devices and stereo rendering for different 3D devices.

Natural User Interaction for Cars

Therefore this project is researching contact-free and multimodal interaction metaphors: Gesture, speech, skin resistance, line of sight, etc.  Using the example of setting a mirror: The voice command “Adjust mirror” and a corresponding hand or finger movement may be used to configure the right side mirror. A driving simulator provides the necessary means for testing by linking these new metaphors to parts of a virtual car.

N-Body Particle Simulation using Lennard-Jones Forces

The goal of this student project was to simulate particle systems, where the so-called Lennard-Jones acts between pairs of particles, with as many particles as possible while still keeping the computations (almost) real-time.