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University of Bremen
Prof. Dr. Gabriel Zachmann
Vice president of the EuroXR Association and founding member since 2012
Co-director of the joint MIRU Lab, Mahidol-Bremen Medical Informatics Research Unit
Member of the high-profile area Minds, Media, Machines
Phone: 0421/218-63991
Fax: 0421/218-9863991
Room: MZH 3510
Office Hours: Monday 6.00 - 7.00 pm
Email: zach at cs.uni-bremen dot de
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A note to students:
If you need me to sign something (e.g., a form for the examination office), please hand it to Tanja Rethemeyer (see below). You can later pick it up from her office.
If you would like to make an appointment for an oral exam (short or long), please send an email to Tanja Rethemeyer (see below).
If you need to talk to me about possible acknowledgment of credits, please come to my office hours and bring all relevant documents, transcripts, slide copies, forms, etc.
If you would like to enquire about possible thesis topics, please look at our research pages and the Thesis page, then come to me during my office hours, or talk to my PhD students, or talk to me right after lecture. You are welcome to suggest thesis topics of your own.
If you need to write me an email, please try to be concise.
If you have a question about my courses, it is probably easiest, if you give me a call during my office hours, or catch me right before or after any lecture.

Research Staff

Weller Dr. René Weller
Phone: 0421/218-63992
Room: MZH 3485
Email: weller at informatik.uni-bremen dot de
M.Sc. Daniel Barazandeh
Phone: 0421/218-63993
Room: MZH 3490
M.Sc. Judith Boeckers
Phone: 0421/218-63994
Room: MZH 3440
Email: ju_bo at uni-bremen dot de
Fischer Dr. Roland Fischer
Phone: 0421/218-63634
Room: MZH 3550
Email: r.fischer at uni-bremen dot de
Hudcovic M.Sc. Thomas Hudcovic
Phone: 0421/218-63993
Room: MZH 3490
Email: hudo at uni-bremen dot de
M.Sc. Navid Mirzayousef Jadid
Phone: 0421/218-63990
Room: MZH 3530
Email: navid at uni-bremen dot de
Kaluschke M.Sc. Maximilian Kaluschke
Phone: 0421/218-63990
Room: MZH 3530
Email: mxkl at uni-bremen dot de
Kaluschke M.Sc. Hermann Meißenhelter
Phone: 0421/218-63997
Room: MZH 3550
Email: hmeiss51 at informatik.uni-bremen dot de
Muehlenbrock M.Sc. Andre Mühlenbrock
Phone: 0421/218-63998
Room: MZH 3450
Email: muehlenb at uni-bremen dot de
Rosskamp M.Sc. Janis Roßkamp
Phone: 0421/218-63999
Room: MZH 3450
Email: j.rosskamp at informatik.uni-bremen dot de


Rethemeyer Tanja Rethemeyer
Phone: 0421/218-64450
Fax: 0421/218-9864450
Room: MZH 3460
Email: tanjar at uni-bremen dot de


Dolhs Sabine Dolhs
Phone: 0421/218-64394
Room: MZH 3480
Email: sdolhs at uni-bremen dot de


Sharma Mayank Sharma
Affiliation : Worldwide LHC Computing Grid, CERN, Geneva Switzerland
Personal Homepage
Email: maany at
Vilela David Vilela
University of Coruna, Spain
Research Group Website
Email: david.vilela at
Prachyabrued Dr. Mores Prachyabrued
Affiliation: Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University, Thailand
Position: Director of the ImmerSense Research Group
Personal Homepage
Email: mores.pra at
Flotyński Jakub Flotyński, Ph.D.
Affiliation: Department of Information Technology, Poznan University of Economics and Business, Poland
Personal Homepage
Email: flotynski at
Mukherjee Anjishnu Mukherjee
Email: mukherjee.anjishnu at


M.Sc. Philipp Dittmann
Phone: 0421/218-63994
Fax: 0421/218-9863994
Room: MZH 3440
Email: dittmann at uni-bremen dot de
Tan M.Sc. Toni Tan
Phone: 0421/218-63996
Room: MZH 3530
Email: toni at uni-bremen dot de
Schroeder M.Sc. Christoph Schröder-Dering
Email: schroeder.c at informatik.uni-bremen dot de
Li M.Sc. Xizhi Li
Email: lixizhi0504 at gmail dot com
Cohr Dipl.-Inf. Moritz Cohrs
Phone: 05361/9-29311
Room: Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, Nordstrasse, FE Haupteingang, SE104, 4.OG, R401
Email: moritz.cohrs at volkswagen dot de
Teuber M.Sc. Jörn Teuber
Phone: 0421/218-63998
Fax: 0421/218-9863998
Room: MZH 3490
Email: jteuber at informatik.uni-bremen dot de
Reinermann Helga Reinermann
Phone: 0421/218-64450
Fax: 0421/218-9864450
Room: MZH 3460
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8.00 - 9.00 am / 2.00 - 3.30 pm
Friday 8.00 - 9.00 am
Email: helga at
Abhishek M.Sc. Abhishek Srinivas
Email: srinivas at informatik.uni-bremen dot de
Draheim Dr.-Ing. Patrick Draheim
Room: DFKI GmbH, Bremen, Germany
Email: patrick.draheim at
Mainzer Dr. David Mainzer
Phone: 05121/49-5208
Room: Bosch Hildesheim
Email: David.Mainzer at
Mellies M.Sc. Björn Mellies
Current affiliation: Project Manager E-Learning Solutions at engram GmbH, Bremen, Germany

Mohr Dr. Daniel Mohr
Current affiliation: Software Developer at KRÜSS GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
Chockalingam Skandan Chockalingam
Collision detection of a Robotic Arm fitted with Microsoft Kinect wherein I programmed using CUDA ( Nvidia's GPU programming language ) and designed a parallel algorithm using techniques like hashing and harnessing CUDA's thrust libraries and 3D thread blocks.
Current affiliation: Software Developer at Apple Inc. in Cupertino, California, USA

Tazitdinov Ilya Tazitdinov PhD student
Development of parallel CUDA algorithm for collision detection. Different implementations of spatial hashing for fast collision detection for large number of objects.

DSouza Joy Winston D'Souza
Segmentation-Free Articulated Object Detection on the GPU - Implemented a real-time method for tracking hand poses through image sequences using a color divergence-based similarity measure on the massively parallel paradigm of the GPU. My work included adding improvements to an existing markerless real-time camera-based hand tracking system, such as a novel Multigrid hypotheses approach to hand-template matching and porting the system onto the GPU, using C++ along with the CUDA, CUDPP and Thrust libraries.
Current Affiliation: Software Engineer at Nvidia, San Jose, California