An interactive 3D simulation of the life of coral reefs and its evolution depending on changing environmental parameters

The bachelor project VR-CoralReef is developing a simuluation of coral reefs and its behaviors when the parameters changing, in cooperation with the ZMT. The simuluation uses the Microsoft Kinect and stereo rendering with different 3D devices.

The motivation of the project is to develop and create a videogame based on simulation. The simulation contains data from real-world coral reefs, for example Sansibar. Furthermore, the simulation will be a kind of a videogame as we make it possible for the user to navigate with a Microsoft Kinect and see the underwater world through 3D-glasses, such as Oculus Rift. While the user navigates through the coralreef, he/she can also interact with individual parts of the coralreef, for example, some corals.

The official start of the project was on the 16th of April. Currently, a team of nine students from two different study programs is working on the project goals on three days per week. From the beginning of August, the team starts working on a daily basis.