An interactive VR simulation: life of an endangered coral reef

The master's project "VR CoralReef" creates a Virtual Reality environment in a coral reef in the Indo-Pacific region, based on scientific work of the ZMT (Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research).

Users are able dive into the simulation using a Head Mounted Display (HMD) allowing them to expierience the Reef first-hand and intuitively. The environment achieves even more immersion due to a realistic display of domestic wildlife. The goal of "VR CoralReef" is to draw attention to the acute threat coral reefs of our earth are facing, by simulating growth and perish of a virtual reef depending on shifting environmental parameters.

"VR CoralReef" is developed in cooperation with ZMT and AG CGVR of University of Bremen, Germany.

An immersive lifelike coral reef

Experience in Virutal Reality or on your desktop screen

Algorithmic birth, growth and decease of corals based on scientific data

7 different kinds of corals, 10 different kinds of animals and over 20 other handmade models

Corals react on parametrical changes such as change in temperature

Algorithmic swarm behaviour of animals

Exploration at night with VR-flashlight

Feature-rich ingame menu (manipulate parameters, toggle modes)

Realistic interaction: Sharks hunt fish, fish nibble on corals and more

Godrays, caustics, day and night cycle

Handmade ambient noise

Intiutive movement with VR-Controller or Keyboard