The Project

TraVis (short for trajectory visualisation programm) is a masters project operated by University of Bremen (University of Bremen) and Marum, which tries to re-simulate a deep dive mission in the Unreal Engine. Re-simulating in this case means that log data is provided by an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) that needs to be read by a computer and displayed in a simulated environment. Besides of beign able to display the data text wise travis is also generating the appropriate deepsea landscape based on real high data. Users will be able to keep track of every single movement the AUV did during its mission in a realistic 3D enviroment in which you can move freely around. The landscape and the movement of the AUV is evenly scaled down to represent the real mission as good as possible. In addition to that TraVis provides you with various tools for visualising important mission and log data directly in the 3D enviroment. All of the log data can be mapped to the trajectory which allows you to keep track of data variability during the mission. The mission can be played and paused and due to a timeline feature users will be able to jump to whatever point of the mission. All in runtime and without loading.

The project has been successfully completed within the agreed time framework. Completion time of the project was roughly four monthes. Projectstart was middle of April and ended with a closing presentation. The presentation was about the development process from the conception of the sofware to the presentation of finished works. The closing presentation took place on 06th of september of 2018 and was held at the MARUM before an audience of members of CGVR and MARUM.